Blockchain Builds Business Partnerships

In the start-up world someone is always working on Uber for X industry. This can and does often lead to a first mover then a monopoly advantage.

With Blockchain the future of platforms is one of more collaborative ecosystems, not the winner takes all dominate strategy.

The problem when you go after a monopolistic platform approach is that too many people want the next Amazon, Uber or Facebook that it’s guerrilla warfare. That is of course unless you are the monopoly.

Many casual observers will note that this is Darwinian capitalism in action. This however overlooks a fundamental element of Darwin thinking- the plethora of ecosystems that exist with habitants living and working in synergy.

It also neglects the backlash against Facebook and the GDPR data regulations in Europe. Culturally, digital monopolies are under attack.

The emergence of decentralised systems, namely blockchain technologies, will challenge the fundamental internet dominate strategy. It will require greater partnerships to create value to customers and to sell services.

We should be looking at how to build decentralised platforms that recognise that companies can flourish in partnership.

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